Wrought Iron

Custom fabrication of wrought iron gates, fencing and unique creations in Perth.


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Traditional wrought iron or what many of us think of as wrought iron is in fact solid steel and we separate steel types into tube and wrought iron.  Tube or tubular steel is what a typical pool fencing design is made of. Wrought iron is a solid steel usually mild steel bar work, flat bar rails and decorative components. Both use different coatings, have different life spans and will take very different time schedules to manufacture.

Because wrought iron is solid it is much more workable and can be moulded, bent, hammered and welded more than any other fence, panel and gate materials. This means you will have a more secure, durable, attractive and hence a more valuable product.  This will add prestige and value to your property.

Traditional methods of making wrought iron using hammers and bellows is a dieing art and not one practised widely in Australia. Manufacture now uses casting a range of steels sourced from Australia and other countries and then shaped into lengths of steel and components to suit our modern idea and budget for wrought iron.

We manufacture and source components TO AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AND GUARANTEES.

Coatings on wrought iron typically start with cleaning, hot dip galvanising, deburring, priming then powdercoating. You can choose a variety of finishes to enhance the wrought iron look when coloured. Black is the most popular colour because it is neutral and will blend with most environments. This is significant when considering the longevity of the material and the resale value of your property.

Because wrought iron has a unique making and coating process, this should be accommodated in your project timeline and budget.

If you are looking to assemble materials for your own project, ask us for components and sections of steel. Attached are some of the more popular wrought iron components we can supply. There are more in the wrought iron photo gallery. We can make or source most of the components and steel in our photos. Keeping in mind that most wrought iron projects are custom and unique to each job and may therefore be a 'one off' manufacture.