Tube Fencing and Gates

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Tubular fencing and gates can be steel or aluminium.  For slat designs, refer our Aluminium Slat Fencing and Gates page.

The term 'tube' usually refers to hollow steel, typically called duragal, pregalvanised steel or simply tube and is powdercoated a colour. It has a galvanised coating that when welded is removed. The coating that is applied after the welding process will affect the lifespan of the steel as it is the galvanising, priming or coating that delays the onset of rust.

A good quality powdercoating includes priming the welds to protect where this galvanising has been burnt off in the welding process. The more welding required on your job, the more we would recommend a rust prevention process, which can be external only or complete, depending on the application of the material and the environment it will be in.

The colour coat is not waterproof and will permeate water. If you are choosing steel, this may be a critical concept. This is why the process immediately after welding steel is the critical one for your job. With aluminium, the material itself is non corrosive and will be processed differently.

The photos in our gallery show a sampling of popular and custom work, in tubular steel and aluminium. Prices and designs are comparable between the two. Whereas you will find low maintenance, lightweight and durability in marine environments, steel is stronger, has less flex and is heavier. Because aluminium is a softer material, it takes more care to weld the material and hence more time for your custom project.

Auswest can provide something to suit your project timeline, budget or environment. Popular and economical 16mm round pickets for pool fencing, sturdier 19mm pickets for less flex and 20x20mm square pickets for a highly visible barrier and strength for security, such as a Garrison fence.

Styles can vary with drilling or punching pickets into the rails to give you the same look from both sides and better strength or face welding to keep your costs down.  Tubular steel has a life span which is greatly affected by the quality of the steel used, amount of welding in the fence, the coatings, the environment such as bore and salt water, and impact exposure e.g. objects being continually knocked against it.  Your budget, local conditions and requirement will affect the product we can offer you.

For a wrought iron look, a variety of components can be added between railings and pickets in tube steel and then powdercoated a textured finish. Remember that tubular steel is just that and the more welding to this type of steel, the more the protective galvanise coating is compromised and we will suggest better coatings. This type of steel is typically used for basic styles of barriers such as pool fencing, garden fencing, side gates, driveway gates and window grilles. Aluminium is typically a basic welded fence, unless you are thinking of cast components for a character look in an older residence.

We sell components and accessories to help you with DIY and provide in house advice on how to assemble. Ring us on 0892586822 for help.