Timber fencing and gates

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There are many different qualities of timber to suit your budget, application and local conditions. In recent years a variety of timbers and even recycled, composite and environment friendly materials have been introduced to the WA market as traditional WA Jarrah has become more expensive and harder to source. Introduced timbers and alternative materials have different qualities to locally grown timber and hence you can expect the quality and durability to vary.  Typically the cost of the material and recommended application will reflect this. Different fixing and coating applications are used to counter the variation in quality.

We recommend jarrah, pine and cedar because it has been grown, tried and tested in our conditions over time and we can honestly tell you it's qualities because we have worked with it for decades. We use treated pine for 100% white ant protection both for dressed and rough sawn pine applications. When protected with a good quality paint and maintained well, is out of the direct sun and humidity, dressed pine and cedar will last as well as jarrah.

The innate strength of the material will not vary with the coatings applied to it. For example jarrah is a more dense material than most timbers, therefore more weighty than pine. Jarrah will therefore handle impact better and be more noise suppressive.

The varying materials will all be different to work with and take varying time to assemble into panels and gates and to install. This with the actual cost to produce the timber or similar material, will be reflected in the price offered to you. You may need to consider the application when deciding which material will suit your environment. For example jarrah will withstand impact better than pine, however if in your courtyard you buffer your pine fence with vegetation or landscaping impact is reduced. Where you are considering a short term application, pine will serve you well as it has an attractive grain is easy to coat and paint in a dressed finish, is white ant treated and cost effective. If you are considering long term, then jarrah may be a good solution. You will pay more and you will get better durability, strength and noise suppression. to the market

A new innovation to the market is composite boards.  This material is thicker than usual timber boards and consists of part timber and part man made substances. It comes in a range of timber grains, is heavy and can be used for panelling and gates (when matching composite timber decking).

A lightweight alternative are aluminium slat designs, which are hollow rectangular sections replicating the timber appearance. Refer our aluminium slat page.

Our gates are manufactured with pre-galvanised steel framework for greater strength and less movement in the shape of the gate over time. The framework will be greater guage or thickness for wider gates and may have internal bracing in order to support the weight of the gate. All gates are assembled with components to suit your needs, conditions and applications in mind.