Laser Cut Screens and Gates



Looking at a strong attractive privacy screen that will allow airflow, privacy and security? Perforated aluminium and steel are great options where you have limited space or want a unique alternative to standard fencing and gates. It can be powdercoated any colour and comes in a range of custom laser cut designs or standard punched patterns in steel and aluminium. Typical punched patterns are round holes varying by size of the hole and spacing through the sheet. This will vary your privacy and airflow.

Perforated sheeting is at the high end of your budget simply because of the amount of metal in the product and the amount of powdercoating required to cover both sides of the sheet. In aluminium, which is corrosion resistant, the sheeting looks smart in a mill finish (without any colour application). Mill finish aluminium is the most popular request we receive.

It can be fixed with a lip between your existing pillars, clad to a framework or freestanding to posts cemented into the ground. It can also be applied to the face of existing walls to enhance the look of the wall.

If you have a specific design you would like us to quote, we can work with you to draw a budget specific to your project.

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