Maintenance of powdercoated materials

Just like you maintain your car by washing it regularly, you should do the same for your powdercoated materials. This will help remove dust, debris and dirt from eating into the coloured surface and extend the steel's life.

Maintenance is particularly significant for welded steel products where the galvanising surface of the raw material is welded off during fabrication.

Note that powdercoating or colour coating is permeable or porous, this means it will absorb moisture. Powdercoating is simply a colour and does not have water or mineral repellant properties.

The cleaning and priming coating applied directly to your material is critical and will directly affect the look and life of your material. There are various grades of priming to suit your budget, life expectancy and to suit the materials being used.

Your proximity to coastal conditions and heavily mineralised water such as bore reticulated areas, will affect the condition of the powdercoating in a short time.

Washing your fence with non salty water and mild soap and sponge will remove the minerals from the powdercoating before they can permeate through to the steel below. The best coating if your materials will be exposed to these conditions can be any of a number of methods including epoxy prime, zinc coating or plating, or hot dip galvanising (often called hot dipping). These are under-coats that layer your steel and protect it before the colour coating is applied.

Aluminium products such as slats and ali gate framework are generally 100% non corrosive and therefore do not need the extra protection that steel requires when it undergoes welding and fabrication.

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